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Laparoscopic Surgery for Stomach Tumors

Update: 21.09.2020
Laparoscopic Surgery for Stomach Tumors

Our patient Andrey Mihaylov Apostolov(50), came from Bulgaria, applied to Corlu Vatan Hospital International Patient Services Department with complaints of stomach pain that has been going for a year. His examination appointment was set in the General Surgery Clinic. After few days, the patient came to the examination and the necessary examinations were made. As a result of evaluation of physical examination and tests, a presence of stomach tumor was detected. Upon that diagnosis, the patient was recommended to undergo "Laparoscopic Subtotal Gastrectomy Surgery”. The operation was performed successfully by our General Surgery Specialist Mustafa Onder DOLAP M.D. After one week of hospitalization, we discharged the patient in good general condition.

As Corlu Vatan Hospital, we wish him healthy days.


Laparoscopic Surgery for Stomach Tumors