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Update: 11.07.2019

Liposuction can be described as removal of local fat and body shaping method. Its technique can be briefly summarized as
the procedure of removal of fat tissue from the excessive areas of body by means of special cannulas after administering the
specially-prepared solution below the skin. It is carried out under general anesthesia. After surgery, patients must wear
corsets suitable for the treated area for minimum 3 weeks.

Although there are rumors that this procedure increases vital risks such as fat embolism, studies demonstrate that there are
no risk differences in terms of emboli in the operations conducted in similar periods of time. However, it is necessary to keep
the amount of fat removed at reasonable values for the health of the patient. In this sense, it could be said that liposuction is
not a method to lose weight. It is more appropriate for patients to have an ideal height and weight ratio (body-mass index: BMI),
lose weight at sufficient level and then get this surgery for removal of excessive local fats (for example abdominal area, hips,
side parts of waistline i.e. ‘love handle’).