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Update: 25.11.2020

Thanks to the self sacrificing studies of our team who are experienced in health, keep up with the technology, show respect to the patient and the patient relatives, indigenize the mission as a duty for the country, smiling and sincere;”Quality”, which is our lifestyle, is registered with 97.62 points out of 100 as “A Group Hospital” by the Ministry of Health in “Quality in Health” inspection held on the 10-11th of December in 2018.

Turkey quality system in health is a system created within the scope of the Health Transformation Program, to ensure patient and employee safety and patient and employee satisfaction and to maximize the quality of health services in our country by the Ministry of Health.

The system includes 1st, 2nd and 3rdlevel public, private and university health institutions and all healthcare organizations in our country.

Legal Basis of the System

Within “Quality and Accreditation for Qualified and Effective Health Services"component, which is 6th of the 8 main components in the Health Transformation Program,is one of the priority targets of our Ministry.

Article 8 and the 1st paragraph of Decree Law No. 663 that is ratified on 2 November 2011 (Duties of General Director in Health Services) subheading  in “paragraph ,in accordance with the task of ”Determining  the quality and accreditation rules in health services and ensuring  their application.” is carried out by the General Directorate of Health Services Department of Quality and Accreditation in Health .

Studies on theTurkish Healthcare Quality System, dated 27.06.2015 and numbered 29399 are carried out within the framework of “Improving and Evaluation of Quality in Healthcare Regulation”.

Institutional Structure

Institutional Structure in Quality in Health System is builded in the manner of covering all stakeholders of the service, from the central organization of the Ministry to all employees in health institutions and organizations.


Quality Management Director

  • Filiz ERKAN